ZF6HP21 Transmission Pan / Filter

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For ZF6HP21 transmissions, oil pan and oil filter combination, includes gasket and drain plug

This automatic transmission filter kit is needed for whenever you are servicing your BMW's transmission. BMW used to advertise a "lifetime" fill on their transmissions but has since changed their tune and now claims that the transmissions require an extended service.

For the best service life of your BMW's transmission we recommend a drain and fill service to be performed every 30,000 miles. This service is the least intrusive and will involve draining and refilling your transmission (drain and fill). When doing this service it is recommended to replace the filter as well.  We only recommend the use of Pentosin ATF1 fluid or Genuine BMW fluid as we have found problems with other aftermarket fluids.

Actual Product Weight: 4.7lbs


Fits these transmissions:
ZF6HP19 & ZF6HP21

Package Contents:
Pan, Filter, Gasket





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