G8x Auxilary Fuel System

Engineered for Port Injection systems

G8x/Supra Billet Top Hat

S63 Injectors
S63 Injectors Mobile

B58 PI Kits

Including flow matched and serialized injectors!

PTFE Fuel Lines

Smooth Bore PTFE fuel Lines will last as long as you do!

Precision Raceworks, LLC

Established in 2015, we began by realizing that too many offerings were of lower quality and wanted to provide products that we were proud to call ours. Like you, we buy and use parts to modify our vehicles, and understand the pain of not being able to reach out to a company to get an answer about their product. With this, we have strived ever since to not only provide quality products at reasonable prices, but customer service that is available M-F 8am to 5pm CST by phone or email.

If you have a question about our product or comparing against another, please feel free to reach out and chat!

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