Motiv Re|Flex 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor

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This 0-10 Bar sensor is safe for fuel pressure, exhaust gas back pressure, oil pressure, coolant pressure, and more. Paired with an ATM 2 Pin connector it is Plug-n-Play to your MOTIV Re|Flex.


  • 0-10 Bar Sensor
  • ATM 2 Pin PnP Connector

Optional Adapters:  (NOT necessary if running our latest fuel lines with the included 1/8" NPT port built into the line)

Does not include an ethanol sensor.


Pressure Sensor: 0-10 Bar

Thread: 1/8" Male NPT (requires Teflon tape)

Fuel Line connection (if selected): either 5/16" to connect in fuel line or 3/8" to connect to ethanol sensor

Weight (no connector): 0.35 lbs

Weight (5/16" connector): 0.40 lbs

Weight (3/8" connector): 0.50 lbs

Vehicle Fitment: Universal

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