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In-Line Micro Regulator

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Pressure Rating: 4 bar (58 psi)

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Regular price $64.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $64.99 USD

The Precision Raceworks Micro Regulator is the worlds smallest universal regulator.  This unit comes pre-set/calibrated from our factory with precision tolerance so there is no guess work or best effort to set target pressure.

Want to regulate your fuel at the engine to have better fuel pressure, but don't want to deal with the hassle of adjusting the pressure and don't need 1-to-1 boost reference?  This is the solution!  Simply either tee this off of your existing fuel feed line, or thread directly into any AN-6 Female fitting or most AN-6 ORB female ports and then run a line back to your tank!  No bulky regulator to try and mount, no custom mount that needs to be made, and no trying to dial on your target pressure.  These pre-set regulators are simple to install, compact, and require zero adjustment!


  • AN6 input and output fittings - Our AN6 fitting design is compatible with all female AN6 flare fittings by removing the included o-rings or compatible with most all AN6 ORB female fittings and ports by leaving per-installed o-rings, note some shallow AN6 ORB female ports may be to shallow to clear the tapered portion of this fitting but most ports do not have an issue)
  • Zero bubble seal - Many aftermarket regulators fail to hold pressure after the pumps shut off.  This is due to the lack of a perfect seal between the supply fuel and the regulator dump.  For years people have hated this as it can cause long engine cranks, misfires, and stumbles on startup, and is often times very embarrassing.  This static regulator has none of those problems as the seal is air tight meaning your line set holds pressure and does not bleed down just like seen in modern OEM regulators used by all car manufactures.
  • High flow - This regulator is not only very accurate but has one of the largest output ports of any regulator on the market (not talking about AN port size but actual dump port inside the regulator).  This allows for fast response to quick or sudden changes and spikes in pressure.
  • 100% E85 compatible - Many OEM and Aftermarket regulators struggle with ethanol exposure.  It can take years for the rubber in these units to fail or it can happen quickly each manufacture uses different materials and some are compatible with long term ethanol exposure.  This regulator is 100% Ethanol compatible and will not lose it's sealing capability or accuracy due to Ethanol exposure.


While these regulators are set with precision there are factors that can prevent the regulator from holding target pressure.  Running way more fuel from the low pressure fuel pump then the engine needs can produce more "waste" fuel volume than is needed.  When this volume exceeds the efficiency of the regulator dump at the pre-set spring rate higher pressures than target regulator pressure can be seen.  For the most accurate and tight tolerance fuel pressure, low pressure pump control should control pump speed (PWM) to supply fuel volume in close proximity to engine demand.  All modern vehicles use this method of pump control from the factory and many upgraded performance fuel pump system are moving towards fuel volume control at the pump as this method combined with a highly accurate regulator like this one gives the most precise and stable fuel pressures possible and results in less heat input into the fuel and cooler fuel creates more horsepower and better fuel economy.

Note - Actual pressure on the vehicle may be higher if waste fuel exceeds efficiency of regulator dump. When combined with PWM pump control this regulator is capable of the most precise and consistent fuel pressures available from any performance regulator.

Weight:  0.4 lbs

Material:  Anodized aluminum, Stainless Steel internals

Available pressures: 4 BAR, 5 BAR, 6 BAR

Vehicle Fitment

This is a Universal Product and may or may not be applicable to your vehicle. If you are unsure, please reach out to us to verify fitment and functionality.