Bosch Motorsport Extended Tip Matched Injectors

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Flow Rate: 925cc
Pack Size: Pack of 4 Matched Injectors
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The Precision Raceworks Genuine Bosch Motorsports EV14 extended tip fuel injectors featuring EV1 connector matched and packaged in pack of 4 or 6 units.


- Full stainless wetted internals for corrosion resistance compatible with all known fuels

- Proprietary spray pattern perfect for use in EA888.3 & center fire BMW manifolds

- Strong magnetic valve design capable of stable operation up to 10 bar

- Advertised flow rates

  • 925cc* Version
    • Minimum Flow 800cc @ 3bar (43.5 PSI)
    • Minimum Flow 925cc @ 4bar (58 PSI)
    • Minimum Flow 1050cc @ 5 bar (72.5 PSI)

  • 1300cc* Version
    • Minimum Flow 1125cc @ 3bar (43.5 PSI)
    • Minimum Flow 1300cc @ 4bar (58 PSI)
    • Minimum Flow 1450cc @ 5 bar (72.5 PSI)

    - Matched both Static and Dynamic within 2%

    - Certificate of Conformance provided with each set proving actual flow data

    - Individually serialized injectors that match flow data from Certificate of Conformance

    For more product details see the specifications tab


    *Actual flow rate may vary, as the advertised rate is based upon an overall average.

    Weight: 0.35 lbs (4 pack) or .53 lbs (6 pack)

    Wetted materials: Full Stainless

    Advertised Flow: See Product Description

    Fuel Compatibility: All known fuels

    Flow Matched: 2% or better (250% more accurate than off the shelf Bosch injectors)

    Connection Type: EV1

    1300cc / 925cc - Injector Dead Times

    8v 10v 12v 14v 16v
    2bar 2.071 1.487 1.138 0.0649 0.0806
    3bar 2.906 1.801 1.362 0.914 0.814
    4bar X 2.017 1.481 1.143 1.036
    5bar X 2.222 1.874 1.164 1.114
    Vehicle Fitment: Universal

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