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AIC-2 Split Second Controller

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Regular price $538.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $538.00 USD

Split Second controllers have been the go-to option for PI injector controllers for years. Easy to set up, and supported by almost every tuner out there.

The AIC2 additional injector controller is ideally suited to turbo and supercharged engines. It provides additional fuel without changes to the stock injectors or ECU programming. This preserves the characteristics of the stock engine under light load while providing all the necessary fuel in boost.

The AIC2 additional injector controller integrates seamlessly with the stock ECU to satisfy fuel requirements in boost. It can control either upstream or port injectors. It is especially useful on modern direct injected engines which have fuel systems that are difficult to modify. There are two internal injector drivers which can be operated from a single or independent tables. Each driver can drive up to four high-impedance injectors.

Programming is done over a USB interface with the TunerPro RT engine management software which provides real-time programming, data dashboard and data logging. More information on TunerPro RT is available here. Bin files contain program data. Xdf definition files configure the user interface. Adx files configure data acquisition for real-time display and logging. Example bin, xdf and adx files are available from the downloads section of

Two-dimensional map tables provide precise fuel control over load and RPM. Additional tables facilitate compensation for elevation, air temperature and injector dead time. Map switching can be performed by on-board comparators or user input.

An extremely versatile tach input is compatible with most engine speed signals. User definable pre-scaler and post-scalers produce an accurate tach reading on virtually any engine. The number of injection pulses per engine cycle are selectable between one and eight.

The AIC2-6 is used in conjunction with your MAP or MAF sensors to calibrate.

Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

For more product details see the specifications tab

Actual Product Weight: .95 lbs

Input Voltage: 12v DC

Programming Connection Type:  MiniUSB - USB A cable (Included in the box)

Injector Connector Type: US CAR (EV6)

Number of Injector Connectors: 6

Wire Colors:

  • BATT+ Battery positive (switched +12 V) 18 Red
  • BATT- Battery negative (chassis ground) 18 Black
  • SIG GND ECU signal ground 20 Black/yellow
  • TACH Engine speed signal 20 Yellow/black
  • VIN External load voltage input (optional) 20 Green
  • IAT Air temp sensor (optional) 20 Gray
  • AFR External AFR meter 20 Yellow
  • MAP SW Switch to ground to select table B 20 Brown
  • RELAY Low side of relay coil 20 Orange
  • INJ+ (2) Injector plug positive (B+) 20 Red
  • INJ- (DR1) Injector plug negative (driver 1) 20 Tan
  • INJ- (DR2) Injector plug negative (driver 2) 20 Tan/Black

Vehicle Fitment

This is a Universal Product and may or may not be applicable to your vehicle. If you are unsure, please reach out to us to verify fitment and functionality.