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Exclusivly through Precision Raceworks in the USA

The High Flow Brushless Cobra Compact fuel pump has been engineered to provide precise fuel flow for the most demanding applications. It is Suitable for use with Ethanol, Methanol and petrol (gasoline) the Cobra Compact High Flow pump is able to deliver fuel at higher pressures while using less amps than traditional brushed fuel pumps.  Best of all the Cobra Compact High Flow is compatible with most stock brushless fuel pump controllers (tuning changes may be required due to the additional flow rate).

Pump Features

  • Flows 550LPH @ 3bar, 13.5v (132 GPH @ 45psi)
  • Compatible with gas, E85 and Methanol
  • Maximum Pressure – 8.6 Bar (125psi)
  • Can be used in carbureted and EFI applications
  • Built in high flow check valve on both outputs

What's included

  • One Protec Compact Cobra high flow pump
  • One standard fuel sock (others available here)
  • One electrical connector with wiring compatible for all fuels

How does the Compact Cobra stack up
Below we compare pumps at 5bar as it is the most common pressure for modern fuel systems all pumps tested at 13.8v

  • Compact Cobra High flow 500lph at 5 bar
  • BK1000/BK10001 AKA E5LM Veyron Pump at 500lph 5 bar
  • DW440 Brushless at 377lph 5 bar
  • Walbro 450 (F90000274) 317lph at 5 bar
  • Walbro 525 (F90000285) 366lph at 5 bar
  • Walbro 535 (F90000295) 427lph at 5 bar

For controllers and other accessories click on accessories tab above



Flow 550 ltr/hr @ 3 bar
Pressure 8 Bar Max Pressure
Inlet Fitting 12mm
Outlet Fitting AN6 (JIC) Male, 3/8 SAE J2044 Male, 5/16 SAE J2044 Male, 9mm Barb/6mm Barb
Impeller Design Turbine Pump Mechanism
Weight 11.5oz (.718lbs)

Fuel Pump Fittings

90 degree 7.89mm (5/16") male quick connect

90 degree 9.49mm (3/8") male quick connect

180 degree 7.89mm (5/16") male quick connect

180 degree 9.49mm (3/8") male quick connect

Dual 90 degree 7.89mm (5/16") male quick connect

Dual 90 degree 9.49mm (3/8") male quick connect


Electrical Pass through Fittings

3 wire hermetic seal pass through with bulkhead attachment

4 wire bulkhead fitting

6 wire bulkhead connector with removable sub connectors


Brushless fuel pump controllers

Single Speed 100% brushless fuel pump controller

Dual speed 30% / 100% brushless fuel pump controller

PWM variable speed 0-100% brushless fuel pump controller



Vehicle Fitment: Universal

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